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Save some green!

Updated: May 17, 2019

Installing ENERGY STAR-certified shingles can save you money.

Save green.

Did you know that there are ENERGY STAR-certified shingles? Yup! ENERGY STAR ratings aren’t just for light bulbs and windows!

ENERGY STAR-certified shingles can potentially save you anywhere between 7 and 15% in air conditioning costs. How? Because they these shingles come in lighter colors, they’re able to better reflect the sun’s rays which is great for your wallet and the environment! That's a big deal considering temperatures in San Antonio routinely break above 100 degrees in the summer months. Plus, a roof that is better able to maintain a constant temperature is less prone to thermal shock (which causes cracks to form on the shingles themselves) and may, as a result, extend the life of your roof.

But that’s not all! CPS Energy is offers a "Cool Roof Rebate" to homeowners that install ENERGY STAR-certified shingles. Certain conditions must be met to qualify for this rebate. The amount of the rebate will also depend on other factors, such as; the size of your roof, the % of sunlight reflected, etc.) but range, on average, anywhere from $144 to $366.

We’ll walk you through every step of the way to see if you qualify for CPS Energy’s rebate and make the most of it. Call (or schedule) for a free estimate!

Below are the available Cool Series colors. From left to right (top to bottom on mobile); Antique Slate, Barkwood, and Weathered Wood.

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